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World Trade Center September 10, 2001


 World Trade Center present

One World Trade Center

September 11, 2015


Today we remember and will never forget the day in U.S. history

that changed the world.

Please remember those that gave their lives on this day of infamy

in United States history.


D/s ~ bienvenida Cuba !!! ~ #ASMSG #Spanking #USA #Cuba

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 A very hearty welcome to all my current and future followers from Cuba.

Today, the United States Government has officially removed Cuba from the Terrorist list.


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The New York Times ~ Friday May 29, 2005

U.S. Removes Cuba From State-Sponsored Terrorism List

Click on the above link to access the New York Times article


The Dominant and The submissive #SatSpanks #ASMSG #Spanking #BDSM #Erotica #Dominance #Submission

Saturday Spankings-spring rose paddles-pink~~~

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, an Eight Sentence Blog-H0p featuring some of the best spanking authors out there. My Eight sentences today are from one of my current works in progress “The Dominant and The submissive” (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) © by: Joseph McNamara which will be released later this year.

The Dominant and The submissive (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) ©  is a semi-autobiographical look at a time in my life I shared with my wife, business partner, and D/s life-styler in the greatest sense of the word. We were evolving Soul-Mates before we even met in person. She was taken from this world and me in an international act of terrorism some number of years ago. This book is being written from both our points of view with my own personal reflection and the story she shared and lived with me.

“The Blurb:”

This weekend, I’m sharing part of the chapter on humiliation and lusted thoughts from “Back to the Boardroom.”

As you may recall, the Boardroom is a BDSM club in Manhattan that was also the scene of one of our first dates together. This chapter takes us along on our third visit to this exclusive club that caters to everything you can imagine and so much more in the BDSM arena.

My evolving lover and Soul-Mate had talked about exhibitionism and humiliation and the fact that although she would never want other’s to see her in public in that particular way, it was a fantasy.

On our third visit, I told my evolving Soul-Mate that we were going to have a very special and different type of fun this evening. After having a drink with some old friends of mine and new friends of my Soul-Mate now, I told her of my plans.

At first, she gasped at the thought of using one of the viewer rooms for our time together this evening. And yet, she was always the docile and yielding submissive that really embraced and coveted my Dominance in such a unique and loving way.

The viewer rooms had all the amenities of most of the other rooms with the exception of a closed curtain and audio monitor that could be opened, giving access to others to view and share in your personal frolic with each other here at the club.

As I led my lover to our special room, she was trembling just a bit, and in a newly defined way. She asked quite quizzically,

“Jonathan, do you really want to show me off to others?”

“Oh, Brianna, it is going to be so erotic and so embracing, I just know you’re going to like this.”

New to her, and yet she was reacting just the way I had envisioned. Dominant humility, bestowed on a willing submissive, is such an embrace and opens so much in receiving and nurturing docility and humbleness in a submissive.

What my loving and growing submissive and Soul-Mate did not know, was that I had a unique surprise for her this evening. And I just knew we would be forever coveted in this night of passion, like no other.

We entered our special room and I immediately removed her dress, bra, and shoes, leaving her with just her silk, fragrance panties. As she looked around the room, as she had before in these special rooms, he eyes fixed on the drawn curtain that would be the focus of our time this evening.

After securing her arms to the tie bar and placing a silk blindfold over her eyes, I pushed the button, raising her arms, positioning them so her feet remained flat on the floor.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me this evening, and I feel so blessed in your submission, here, right now, and in your willingness and desire to please, me, and us.”

With that, I moved over to the curtained window and pulled, hard on the drawstrings opening it to the world.

A determined and different gasping sound from my lover this evening as she heard the drawstring move and I knew she was experiencing, just what I wanted for her tonight.

I moved to the play table and picked up a velvet flogger and trailed it up and down my tethered Soul-Mate’s back and bottom, as I moved my other hand over her trembling and warmed breast and tweaked her swollen and sensitive nipples.

Another compliant and yielded gasp and I whispered to her, “You’ve made Me very proud.”

As she continued to tremble and breathe through a very low, amenable and somewhat humiliating moan, I brought the flogger down, across her back, first, and then across the crease of devoted willingness that centered her inviting bottom cheeks.

I was in heaven, knowing that my lover, submissive, and Soul-Mate had agreed to our special time here and I knew she would love the special surprise I had for her at the end.

Here is a little of what happened next.

“My Eight Sentences:”

I brought the flogger down, again and again, across her back and bottom globes and as the hews of docile submissiveness began to appear and the marks of our tryst came into focus for “our” new world here, I came alive in such a personal and endearing way for her.

Dropping the flogger, I slid my thumbs into her silk panties and lowered them, dropping them to the floor and around her trembling and docile ankles, causing a gasp of embarrassment, and yet there was a soft, sweet and docile sound in her yielded purr as I traced my finger down her submitted crease to her warming center, moistened in humility and trembling in embarrassment at this point.

I picked up a leather paddle and brought it down twice on each stripped and hewed bottom cheek, stopping to ask my lover, “Are you enjoying this, my love.”

She was very frail in her response, almost crying, and yet her demeanor was staid in submission and yield, “yes, Jonathan, if this pleases you, I will always enjoy it, anything for you, my love.”

After spanking her bottom, that intoxicating bottom that drives my eros in so many ways, I stopped, and put the paddle on the table. I whispered to her, “I have a surprise for you now.”

I removed her silk blindfold and motioned her around to the opened curtain window, all the while, feeling her tremble and breathing a lusted docile and humiliating whisper, “Oh God,” as I pivoted her.

And there with the curtain opened, she saw, she saw what I knew all along, that no one was watching Us, no one was standing behind the curtain to share Our tryst.

“Oh, Jonathan, you gave me the thought and the feelings of exhibitionism, and I felt the humiliation you spoke of and you did respect my inner feelings after all. You know me so well, my love.”

“I know Us so well, my love.” as I said this, I lowered her arms and undid the tethering straps of confinement.

As I held her in my arms, and felt the warmth of Dominance and submission flow through her heart, I told her how I truly felt.

“I could never share you with another, You’re Mine, My love, and We together are Us, and that really is our world, and all the world we need now isn’t it?”

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Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl.

What’s a Dungeon Crawl?

Well, it’s like a “blog hop,” but we … crawl. Because it’s BDSM! We like dark dungeons. Whips and chains! Yes!

WHEN: Every Wednesday.

Today I’m sharing a excerpt from another (work-in-progress),  “Social Media Soul-Mates” (Keyboard to Bedroom -Book 1) © This contracted book will be released at years end. 

There will be two other books in this series, “Social Media Soul-Mates” (Keyboard to The Dungeon -Book 2) © and “Social Media Soul-Mates” (Keyboard to Captivity -Book 3) © which will be released in succession during the summer and fall of 2015.

Today’s excerpt from “Social Media Soul-Mates” (Keyboard to Bedroom -Book 1) © is from the chapter when Sybil and Jeremy meet for the first time in reality after having a rather steamy and provocative relationship with each other in the cyber world.  They meet for drinks and lunch at a mutually safe restaurant and here’s a bit of what happened that afternoon. 

The Blurb:

They have finally met in person for the first time and finally had a chance to see each other in the flesh. The chemistry from their E-Mails and chats were now focused on each other and when Jeremy suggest they go back to his place, Sybil, somewhat giddy at the prospect says yes.

After Dinner “Cocktails” and So Much More

I was so glad Sybil had agreed to come back to my place. She looked so elegant in her red dress accenting her beautiful body and in particular her shapely bottom. The fact that over a glass of wine, we were both aroused just reminiscing about the erotic times we shared over a series of E-Mails and chat, was certainly a prelude to our coming time at home.

I couldn’t wait to get her back to my place. We were going to live out our wildest and wanton desires that up to know were only suggested and acted out by ourselves and in our fantasies.

We took a cab back to my loft and as we rode along, I put my hand on her thigh and slowly moved it under her dress and up her leg, pausing just before where her legs split.

“Mmmmm” she moaned in a soft inviting way.

I looked up to see the driver was busy flirting with traffic and slowly moved my hand up to her warming center and somewhat throbbing clitorus.  She was moist with a warm, tepid stickiness, obviously from our talk of past E-Mail exchanges we had in the restaurant. My own erection was in unison with her in our desire for each other and I could not wait to get her to my home.

“You feel like you are enjoying our evening.” I said to her in a quizzical manner.

“Oh, I am, and I can’t wait for you to spank me.” The urges now for us both were almost uncontrollable and I couldn’t wait for our driver to reach my building.

We arrived and after paying our cab driver proceeded into the building and up the elevator to my loft.

As we entered, I noticed Sybil hand was tight over mine, and trembling just a bit. “Are you all right.” I asked her trying to reassure her.

“Yes, I’m fine, just excited a bit, we are finally going to be with each other in the way I’ve been dreaming.”

I led her into the bedroom and took her into my arms and kissed her. She returned the kiss with the same wantonness that I was experiencing and I knew we had made the right choice in coming here.

“Mmmm, that was nice.” she said with the same low provocative voice from the cab ride.

“It was very nice indeed.” My emotions were suddenly going into orbit with this incredible woman with a yearn that aroused and comforted me.

I undid her belt and placed it and the wonderful pink bow on the bureau and reached around and unzipped her dress and slowly slid it over her shoulders, dropping it to the floor. She was beautiful, in a navy blue silk teddy that accented just the right areas of her warm and smooth appealing skin.

“You are so beautiful.” I said, my voice almost cracking and showing my own desire and want.

“You are so sweet, I have been waiting for you for so long.”

We had talked about parameters on several occasions and established a safe word early on. Sybil knew of my own desires and had a hint that spanking, although a very arousing diversion, was not the only kink I was into.

I asked her, “so are you ready for this?”

“Yes, I want you to take me and you can do it your way you know.”

I took her over to the bed and slipped out of my suit jacket and put it on a chair near the window. I went into the closet and returned with three silk scarfs.

Social media soul matexsrbcI told her to lie face down on the bed, placing a small pillow under her mid section, raising her bottom just a bit into the air. I took two of the scarfs and secured her hands to the top of the bed on the antiqued bed posts.

She turned and looked up at me and said with a wantonness “Oh, God, I am so turned on right now, please take me, and please spank me hard Jeremy.”

I took the last silk scarf and slowly placed it over Sybil’s eyes, securing it behind her head.

As I raked my fingers through her beautiful red hair, feeling the softness caress my fingers. I whispered into her ear, “thank you for being here tonight.” 

“I’ve been wanting this since our first E-Mail Jeremy, I want this so much.”

I traced my fingers over her face, feeling the warmth and absorbing the fragrance of her vanilla scented perfume. The scent was now more apparent with her dress off and the silk teddy was obviously embraced also. I  had decided to leave it on since it was our first time, and wanted to give a dignity to us both in our maiden voyage. I traced my hand and fingers down her back, feeling the silkiness of her attire with noticed accelerated breathing and warmth to my touch.

I paused just above her bottom and leaned over to her and said: “Thank You.”

I brought my hand down with force, spanking her twice, once on each globe of her inviting bottom. A small moan from Sybil, in a most wanting way, told me she was indeed wanting this to continue.

I again spanked her ten times alternating between cheeks on Sybil’s alluring bottom before me. The silk teddy ruffles shifting as my hand came down on her. The sight of her was so arousing, here sh e was, just a fantasy of sorts up to now. On my bed and the both of us engaged in our E-Mail and chat lust that we had described to each other.

Again, I brought my hand down spanking her with more vigor now as she moved, grinding herself into the pillow I had put under her.  Again and again, I spanked my wanton little E-mail girl, feeling her movement and my own sex now hardening to rock formation.

I stopped and ran my hand over her bottom, feeling the warmth and seeing the prints of my hand all over her now. “Are you ok.” I asked. “Yes, it feels so good Jeremy, You don’t have to stop.”

I continued rubbing her bottom and slipped my hand down between her reddened cheeks to her submissively sweetened center moving to the side her teddy. She was moistened with a wetness that soaked her teddy.

I felt her and began to rub up and down over her wanton pussy. My own hardness erect and throbbing now too ached for this E-Mail dream that has come to life. I moved first one and then two fingers into her sweetened wetness as she thrust to meet my demand. Continuing to move in and out of her with my fingers, I again brought my hand down on her warm and reddened bottom. I spanked and spanked her, again and again, as I moved my fingers in and out of her, pausing just to feel her twitch against my fingers.

“Oh, Jeremy, please don’t stop now.” she said with an almost feverish voice and shortened breath.

I brought my hand down again spanking her docile and yielded bottom as I continued to feel her sweet and growing wetness. Again and again she continued to meet my thrust arching her sensual globes to meet my blows. She was grinding into the pillows in between each spank, giving her throbbing clitoris a vigorous work out at the same time.

I paused again, this time moving my hand from her pussy to her clitoris, feeling the engorged and hardness she had created by her grinding. I moved my hand in a circular motion over her nub, causing her body convulse. I again brought my hand down on her reddened submissive bottom, spanking her in motion as I rubbed my wanton little E-Mail girl in her center point of arousal and lusted need.

She was on the verge of her edge and I continued spanking her and vigorously rubbing and encircling her clitoris. As her legs stiffened I laid full force in spanking her and rubbing her clitoris to an ecstatic beat……

Moving my moistened thumb behind her as I continued my Dominant thrusting on her engorged and Dominantly warmed clitoris……  I slid my thumb into her anal opening……

One last spank….. hard……  Dominantly hard…… and deliberate on each submitted cheek…… and she moaned a loud and vibrant cry into the pillow as she came in a delirious peak of emotional lust. Her clitoris continued to thrust on my fingers in a symphony of docile surrender as her yielded center inundated into my hand her sweetened, submissive nectar.

Our breathing now accelerated and her yielded and submitted bottom, a vision in the shades of reddened hews of our lust, I said to her…… “My turn” !

My own sensuality and lust for my amenable E-Mail, submissive now, was knocking at my door in the twitch of emotion catalyzed in my throbbing and wanton erection.

“Now we will have some fun my dear. Our night is just beginning.” I said to my lovely spanked  E-mail girl as I removed her blindfold.

“I know, Jeremy, I know, and I don’t want this to end either.” she said, her voice broken a bit and  tears forming on her cheek.


Next week, we will see just what the term “My Turn” means to Jeremy and see how Sybil responds. 

Copyright © 2013 – 2015 – by Joseph McNamara


I hope you enjoyed this peek into these “Social Media Soul-Mate’s” first date. 

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“The Liebster Award” #ASMSG #Awards #LifesIssues


I was asked to participate and nominated for this award by the wonderfully talented spanking romance author, Katherine Deane.  I would like to thank her for nominating me for this award and for her inspiring and creative questions. To find out a little more about this delightful and spirited writer, you can click on the following link:  

Katherine Deane – Romance Author

 For future Liebster Award recipients, here are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)

Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

List these rules in your post. Once you have written and published it, you then have to:
Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)

Here are the questions to me from Katherine:

When did you start blogging and why?

I began this Blog shortly after a suggestion from a publishing friend to write a book about my wife, who died several years ago. We lived an alternative life-style and when I saw all the blogs out there that envisioned and proclaimed this aspect of life, I decided to join them in this unique community of believers and bloggers. It has been a wonderful experience and actually has become a wonderful and coveting part of my life’s journey now.

How often do you blog, and what about?

Depending on my time, usually 3 to 4 times a week and always about the life-style that I live and believe in. Of course “Spanking” is a dedicated focus in so much of the words and ideals that frequent my posts.  I also like to challenge myself and participate in the Picture It and Write weekend offering, which at times can be off the main topic (Dominance and submission) that is the norm.

What are your favorite genres to read?

I of course love anything that is life-style based and have become quite fond of the spanking romance genre. I have several favorite authors in this arena and love the creativity and lusted sensuality that comes forth. I also regularly read and keep up on Theological perspectives and have a fetish like love of Russian History. Reading is a very big part of my off time and is such a companion and comfort.

Who has been your biggest influence in writing and or life?

My wife who was taken from this world in an International act of terrorism, is and always will be, the biggest influence for writing and in life. As my business partner and D/s life-styler, we were and had what dreams are made of and as I continue to bring “our” book to print, the influence, love and coveting life-styled embraces continue to grow.

What is your happiest memory?

Meeting my wife and having the most beautiful person in the world say “yes” to becoming my life partner.

Do you have a spanking relationship in real life?

I do not have a spanking or life-styled relationship presently. My former significant other and myself remain very dear friends and have wonderful memories and shared life’s interests that gave us embracing closure. 

Kirk or Picard?

Picard -although I can probably verbalize most of the original Trek tv series shows with Captain Kirk, I found that Picard and the series TV and Movies to follow, had such an intellectual and more refined avenue and I just felt more at home on this version of “The Enterprise”

If you could only choose one implement to be spanked by (or spank with), what would it be?

As a genetically predisposed “Dominant” -the belt would be my implement of choice to spank with. I mean, it is readily available, always with you, makes a great sound, and makes a great portrait in red when used on the bottom of a willing and belt-loving submissive or spankee too. What was the question? *smile*

Who is your favorite written character?

I have many, as I read much, but one character who I don’t believe I have mentioned in a public forum before and only a few close to me would know is Nicholas Romanov the second  (The Last Czar of Russia) I just love this part of Russian History and his life and that of his family were what dreams were made of.  And although he did overlook and cause some distracted and disgraced times for the Country he led, his death, along with his entire family was such a human tragedy and statement for our world.

If you could travel in time, what time period would you go to?

I would travel to September 10, 2001 and hopefully change so much that has come to term since the arrival of 9/11 that year. And of course, for personal reasons, I would still have my soul-mate in person, here with me.

What grounds you? 

My work has always grounded me in so many ways. And writing the flag-ship book about my wife has given me so much depth and coveted remembrance and love that truly keeps me grounded in a particular way now.

And Now the next Part

11 Things about myself..not in any order of importance! 

Some of these I have shared in the past, as  I have participated several times in this award. Some are new though.

1. I love to read (Often have 2 or 3 books going and several blogs and newspapers daily)

2. I am left handed

3. I love to work

4. I am a perfectionist

5. I travel the globe on business yearly

6. I have a Commercial Certification Pilots license

7. In January of this year, I had  (Open Heart Surgery) and all went and continues to go well

8. I have two Masters Degrees (Masters in Theology and MBA)

9. I am a quick learner

10. I am a Women’s Rights Activist

11. I have a dual citizenship (US and Switzerland)

And Now the Next Part

I would like to nominate for this award this year the following wonderful and spirited bloggers who I follow on a regular basis.

the sacred road

Maggie Carpenter Elegant Erotica

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

The Kinky World of Vile

Kayla Lords


And My questions for the above amazing authors and bloggers:

What is your guilty pleasure?

Who is your favorite author?

What do you still want to accomplish?

Coffee or tea?

Where would you rather be right now in the world?

What are you afraid of?

What are you most talented at?

If you were a cocktail, what would you be called?

What is your most treasured possession?

What is your favorite movie?

What was the best gift you were ever given?

And, again, a very special Thank You to Katherine Deane for nominating me here. It was so nice of you to include me and this blog in your thoughts.







Picture It and Write “Seeing Red” #ASMSG #Romance #Love #Dominance #Submission #Short


This Is An Entry for This Weeks Picture it and Write

The Main Page and Credible Information can be found on Ermilia’s Blog  at the Link Below

Ermilia’s Picture It and Write


“Seeing Red”

Ermilia tumblr_n3ydzdx8sq1tsaf9zo1_500~~~

 Into my life and a warranted, sustained thirst that seldom ceased

She was beautiful, alluring, soft, delicate, a sensual bouquet of desired companionship

Red, was her favorite color, the color worn with such passion and staid statuesque boldness

Her Red  hair, kissing life’s breath in a provocative and convincing frame upon her head

Red wine was the drink of choice, always the accompaniment to that which is festive

Satin Red negligees, in abundance always, to accompany our tryst and diversions

And when we shared our life-styled dance, the Red stripes and hews were hers to flavor and mine to envision

Oh, the shades of Red we created in our devious and lusted ways

She would encapsulate the Red hews of Dominance in such a docile and yielding fashion

And when we parted , I began my quest to remember

Dearest of friends, now, and the Reds of compassion become a fond memory in time that will always resonate a consoling comfort

A Red-head passing by, someone at table with that glass of Red wine, a Red dress flowing in the breezes passing

I see her on occasion and I often re-live the dreams we shared and coveted as our own

A Redhead, who enchanted this soul in loving relationship for a small space in time

And as I look at the stars this night and fondly reminiscence  of our sacred time spent, the moon shines bright on me

The moon shines Red on me this night in a loving remembrance of an enduring and life-styled love that passed my way


Dedicated to a certain someone in the United Kingdom whose passion for the Red’s of life will always bring a smile and an embrace to me in such a certain way







The Dominant and The submissive #SatSpanks #ASMSG #BDSM #Erotica #Spanking #Dominance #Submission

Saturday Spankings-spring rose paddles-pink


Welcome to Saturday Spankings, an Eight Sentence Blog-H0p featuring some of the best spanking authors out there. My Eight sentences today are from one of my current works in progress “The Dominant and The submissive” (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) © by: Joseph McNamara which will be released later this year.

The Dominant and The submissive (A Passionate and Continuing Love Story) ©  is a semi-autobiographical look at a time in my life I shared with my wife, business partner, and D/s life-styler in the greatest sense of the word. We were evolving Soul-Mates before we even met in person. She was taken from this world and me in an international act of terrorism some number of years ago. This book is being written from both our points of view with my own personal reflection and the story she shared and lived with me.

“The Blurb:”

Today’s post is from the chapter on Sensual Japanese Bondage and the wonderful art of Shibari, my wife and I enjoyed on many occasions.

Before I met my wife, I had traveled to Japan on a number of occasions and during several of these business trips, I became interested in the art of Japanese Shibari. This is a wonderful and very intimate form of bondage and when practiced correctly, can be a very sensual, erotic and mutually stimulating form of Dominance and submission.

I took several classes in this intricate form of rope play and found a dedicated fondness for this type of bondage. Once you really center yourself and become engaged in this art form, bondage will never look the same again.The words tether, bound, captive and restrained take on new and erotic filled meaning and the Dominant and submissive life-style is so enhanced in this wonderful exotic expression.

After we were married and I had brought my wife into my firm as a partner, we traveled for business to Japan on numerous occasions. On our second trip to this wonderful country, it was time to share my love of exotic tether with my bride.

I arranged a room at one of the more elaborate Shibari residences for us to visit and after work, while having drinks one evening, I told my wife of my plans.

She loved the idea and we both knew there was a new and inviting time to be had this evening.  What she did not know, was that I had actually become quite proficient in this wonderful art form.

As we entered the residence, as they are known, we were greeted by two of the house women, Katsumi and Mami, who immediately addressed me. “Welcome back,  Jonathan san.”

My wife looked at me and just smiled. She knew now that we were about to have a very special and endearing time with each other. After sharing with her my more intricate love of this art form and telling of the classes I had taken, she just sighed, and I knew my dreams of her up to now in this area were about to come to term.

I will never appreciate to a ryu, (someone who has studied this art form under a master for years), but I have learned some basic creative ways to erotically challenge and stimulate both the body and the mind’s eye, and for those known and revered as komon (adviser) that I studied with, I would simply say arigato (Thank you).

We began this evening in a special Dominance and submission room where everything you could want or envision were at our beck and call.

We began with a spanking, a mutual and coveted part of our soul’s thirst that was always naturally centered to our bond, and when my bride began to feel the erotic and desiderate nurture of our tryst, it was there, I stopped.

Spanking, a centerpiece of BDSM for so many in this life-style, always brought the defined roles of Dominance and submission to us in such an raw carnal eroticism.

The coveted pink hews and loving patterned marks of devoted submissive yield now apparent on my wife, were just the appetizer we both needed to begin our sensual and erotic time this evening.

“Now we’re really going to explore the truest and most compelling form of Dominance and submission with each other.” As I said this, I noticed my Soul-Mate alive with a loving quandary of emotion that equated this newest entry of our shared life-style and love.

“My Eight Sentences:”

Her submitted bottom was such a sight now with the hews of sublime submission patterned and giving me that lusted desire and yearn for her as always after “our” spanking.

I began with several strands of Kannuki (the term for ropes used on the upper body), around her breast and across her back securing her, and at the same time, creating a wonderful sensation over her sensitive chikubi (nipples) when I tweaked the love-strands over her areaolas.

Next was a simple rope around her waist and tucked under and into the sensually seasoned center between her legs, her wanton submissive nectar helped ease the strands into place. Then a carefully positioned tether strand over her clitoris, another one of those erogenous zones of love in Japanese Shibari.  

The spanking earlier, still visually present and still sensually felt on my lovers sensitive and exotic bottom were erotically caressed as the love ropes took their place over her cheeks, first, and then lovingly through the separating crease of devotion that so compel this Dominance in me.

A gasp, and that coveted and breath taking moan from my bride and I was alive in such a new and embracing way.

Our Shibari suite this day had mirrors on every wall and as my Soul-Mate glanced up, a tear traced down her left cheek.  A tear of joy she would elude to and a tear of joy in my heart and soul for her, as my Shibari girl experienced the seasoned, erotic, embrace of this sensual and provocative art of Shibari.

“No oruganzumi (orgasm), My Love.” I proclaimed, “not yet.”

“To really experience this coveting art, we need to spend some time together, here, present to each other and embraced in our wantonness and erotic charged state, the State of Japanese Shibari and Bondage at it’s finest.”


I came to recognize in my wife’s yearning and erotic desires in this area, the compassionate and coveted term known as shibaraaretai (a rope submissive – literally meaning “I want to be tied up”) when we would share these sensual and amorous times together on occasion. She was truly vested in our life-style and in Japan would be recognized as a true juujun (obedient one, one who is submissive)

On this evening, My shibaraaretai would experience a sensuality, new to her, in the continued edging she would experience through the sokubaku (bondage). 

And for Me, as the shihai-teki (Dominant) in relationship, – to envision and watch the aspects of Shibari,  as the love of My life, restrained by My hands, continued to feel the aspects of our mutually stimulating covet in life-style, – it was the perfected stimulation for us both, ki (center of spirit and focus point in meditation) and foreplay like no other as we often would acknowledge.

We would continue to embrace the wonderful and coveting art of Shibari on many occasions and the eros and loving bond between us grew in a special, seasoned way whenever we brought out our “Love-Tethers” to caress and embrace our life-style of choice with each other.

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